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Brian Rix (Lord Rix)


Born - 27 January 1924, Cottingham, Yorkshire, England
Died - 20 August 2016

Cheerful, toothsome, black-haired English farceur, who played gormless sidekicks in film comedies with Ronald Shiner, gradually becoming the more popular of the two. After the early 1960s, he devoted himself to running and playing in famous farces at London's Whitehall Theatre for more than a decade, later working full-time for the mentally handicapped. Films surprisingly few, although almost all of them popular lowbrow romps: Reluctant Heroes (1951), Up to His Neck (1954), Dry Rot (1956), Not Wanted on Voyage (1957), The Night We Dropped a Clanger (1959), The Night We Got the Bird (1960), And the Same to You (1960), Nothing Barred (1961), One for the Pot (1968) and Don't Just Lie There, Say Something! (1973), his last. Knighted in 1986, he was created Lord Rix six years later. His wife of 63 years, actress Elspet Gray, died in 2013.