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Anna Karina


Born - 22 September 1940, Solbjerg, Denmark
Died - 14 December 2019

Stunningly beautiful, dark-haired, sensuous, quite tall Danish-born actress with enigmatic smile and easy grace, once described as 'the intellectual's pin-up'. Born Hanne Karin Bayer, she arrived in Paris at 18 as a top model, and came under the influence of such Nouvelle Vague directors as Jean-Luc Godard (who became her first husband), Agnes Varda and Jacques Rivette, and was almost immediately plunged into star roles: Le Petit Soldat (1960), Une Femme est Une Femme (1961), She'll Have to Go (1961), Cleo a 5 a 7 (1962), Vivre Sa Vie (1962), Sweet and Sour (1963), Bande a Part (1964), Alphaville (1964), Pierrot le Fou (1965), Le Religieuse (1965), Made in U.S.A. (1966), Anna (1967), The Magus (1968), Laughter in the Dark (1969), L'Alliance/The Wedding Ring (1970), The Salzburg Connection (1971), Bread and Chocolate (1973), The Two of Us (1975), Chinese Roulette (1976), Clopin-Clopan (1978), Charlotte (1980), Roma Regina (1982), Ave Maria (1984), Treasure Island (1986), Cayenne Palace (1987), L'Oeuvre au Noir (1988) and The Man Who Wanted to Be Guilty (1990). In her Sixties, she made three more: The Truth About Charlie (2002), Moi, Cesar (2003) and Victoria (2009), her last, which she also wrote and directed. After divorce from Godard, she married three more times, latterly to director Dennis Berry, her husband for the last 37 years of her life. Also a singer and author of four novels, she died from cancer.