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Lorella De Luca


Born - 17 September 1940, Florence, Italy
Died - 9 January 2014

Dark-haired, round-faced Italian actress of 'innocent' looks which got her cast as naive young things at the outset of her career. Her charm and grace later propelled her into more interesting roles, and she also filmed spaghetti westerns under the pseudonym Hally Hammond. She made her film debut as a teenager in Fellini's The Swindlers (1955), following that with more conventional fare: Roland the Mighty (1956), Poveri Ma Belli/Poor But Beautiful (1957), A Tailor's Maid (1957), Sign of the Gladiator (1959), Charge of the Black Lancers (1962), Taras Bulba, the Cossack (1963), A Pistol for Ringo (1964), The Return of Ringo (1965), Kiss, Kiss - Bang, Bang (1966), The Bloodstained Butterfly (1971), Three Tough Guys (1974), The Fifth Commandment (1978) and Bonus Malus (1993), her last. She married director Duccio Tessari in 1972; he died in 1994.