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Vinod Khanna


Born - 6 October 1946, Peshawar, Indias (now Pakistan)
Died - 27 April 2017

Solidly built, full-faced, latterly bearded and moustachioed Indian actor who began as villains, but progressed to darkly handsome leading men in a string of Bollywood films before taking a five year break to seek religious enlightenment. Later he went into politics, while keeping his acting career going. It was as a villain that he made his debut in Man Kar Meet (1969), but his stardom was established as a dacoit bandit in My Village, My Country two years later. Notable later roles include those in Achanuk (1973), Shankar Shambhu (1976), Amar Ahkbar Anthony (1977), Two Shades of Blood (1979), The Burning Train (1980), Insaan (1982), Dayavan (1988), Eena Meeka Deeka (1994), Dhaal: The Battle of Law Against Law (1997), Leela (2002), Risk (2007), Players (2012) and Downtown (2016), his last. He died from bladder cancer.