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Anabel Shaw


Born - 24 June 1921, Oakland, California, USA
Died - 16 April 2010

Born Marjorie Henshaw (and known to friends and family as Margie). this ash-blonde beauty with large grey eyes (similar in looks to Alexis Smith) was signed and dropped by a couple of Hollywood studios in the early 1940s before finding a home for a while at 20th Century-Fox. Never quite in leading roles, she made her debut in Here Come the Waves (1944), but her first big impact was in Fox's Shock (1946). She also had decent roles in Home Sweet Homicide (1946), Mother Wore Tights (1947), Secret Beyond the Door (1947), Dangerous Years (1947), In This Corner (1948), City Across the River (1949) and Gun Crazy (1950). A break for marriage and children was followed by parts in Six Bridges to Cross (1955), To Hell and Back (1955) and Gunpoint! (1955), but her only remaining film was The Mephisto Waltz in 1971. She died following a long battle against breast cancer.