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William Lucas


Born - 14 April 1925, Manchester, Lancashire, England
Died - 8 July 2016

Serious-looking, taciturn, brown-haired English actor at the forefront of the UK second-feature market from the mid 1950s on. Born William Clucas, the actor was equally at home in sympathetic or menacing roles, and could be relied on for committed performances. After theatrical experience, Lucas entered TV in the early 1950s, films a little later: Portrait of Alison (1955), Timeslip (1955), Lost (1956), X the Unknown (1956), High Flight (1957), Breakout (1959), Sons and Lovers (1960), Crack in the Mirror (1960), Shadow of the Cat (1961), Payroll (1961), The Very Edge (1963), The Break (1963), Calculated Risk (1964), Dateline Diamonds (1965), Night of the Big Heat (1967), The Sky Bike (1967), Scramble (1970), Tower of Evil (1972), Man at the Top (1973), Operation Daybreak (1975), a voice in The Plague Dogs (1982) and Vampire Cop (1990), his last. TV roles dominated the later years of his career. He married the actress Rowena Ingram (Doreen Moorhouse; 1924-2007), but they were divorced after 28 years, and Lucas later remarried. He died from natural causes.