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Kenneth Mars


Born - 4 April 1935, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Died - 12 February 2011

Burly, brown-haired, rubber-faced character comedian, fond of fake foreign accents and a favourite of both Mel Brooks and Woody Allen, appearing in several of their earlier comedies. In his later years, his distinctive tones were heard as the voices of many cartoon characters in films and TV. Some of his better-known roles came in The Producers (1968, as the demented Nazi playwright), Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969), Desperate Characters (1971), What's Up, Doc? (1972), Paper Moon (1973), Young Frankenstein (1974), Night Moves (1975), The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again (1979), Yellowbeard (1983), Protocol (1984), Fletch (1985), Radio Days (1987), The Little Mermaid (1989, as the voice of King Triton) and Shadows and Fog (1991). He died from pancreatic cancer.