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Edward Hardwicke


Born - 7 August 1932, London, England
Died - 16 May 2011

English character actor with high forehead and bushy moustache, recognisably the son of Sir Cedric Hardwicke, and best remembered today for his TV portrayal of Dr Watson in three series of Sherlock Holmes mysteries from 1986 to 1994. His mother was actress Helena Pickard. At one, Edward was pictured with his father on the set of The Ghoul (1933); he doesn't appear in the finished film but, after his father went Hollywood at the onset of war in 1939, he did make his film debut as a boy in A Guy Named Joe (1943). Returning to England in post-war times, Edward began a film career in supporting roles: Hell Below Zero (1953), Men of Sherwood Forest (1954), High Flight (1957), Othello (1965), Otley (1968), The Reckoning (1971), The Day of the Jackal (1973), The Black Windmill (1974), Full Circle (1976), The Odd Job (1978), Venom (1981), Vengeance (1984), "Let Him Have It" (1991), Shadowlands (1993), Richard III (1995), Photographing Fairies (1997), Elizabeth (1998), Enigma (2001), Love Actually (2003) and Oliver Twist (2005), his last. Emma Hardwicke, one of his two daughters, is also in the acting profession.