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Chris Howland


Born - 30 July 1928, Camden, London, UK
Died - 30 November 2013

Dark-haired, languid, gentlemanly, long-chinned English actor, born John Christopher Howland, who played character roles in German and Italian films after becoming a TV and radio personality, 'Mr Pumpernickel'. Originally a gunner in the British army, Howland stayed in Germany after the war. Following radio success, he began to add quirky cameos in films to his CV: Ball der Nationen (1954), Jamboree! (1957), Gauner-Serenade (1960), Musik aus Studio B (1961), The White Spider (1963), Apache Gold (1963), Fanny Hill (1964), Yellow Devil (1964), Wild Kurdistan (1965), Agent 505: Death Trap Beirut (1966), Castle of the Doomed (1967), then much on TV until Wer Spinnt denn da, Herr Doktor? (1982), Farssmann oder Zu Fuss in die Sackgasse (1991) and Neues vom Wixxer (2007), his last. Four times married.