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Robert Conrad


Born - 1 March 1935, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Died - 8 February 2020

Though not too tall at 5ft 8in (1.73), Conrad, born Conrad Robert Falk, was strongly built and huskily handsome with thick dark hair. After beginnings as a singer, he began playing featured roles in films, but it wasn't until he entered his thirties that he found his ideal role - James T West, innovative hero of the TV series The Wild, Wild West, which ran for more than 100 episodes. After the programme rode off into the sunset, Conrad found himself in demand for leading parts in TV movies and action films. He had made his movie debut at 23 as a fighter pilot called Tiger Bob in Thundering Jets (1958). Subsequent films include Paratroop Command (1959), Red Nightmare (1962), Palm Springs Weekend (1963), The New Cinderella (1964), Young Dillinger (1965, as Pretty Boy Floyd), The Bandits (1967), Keene (1969), Murph the Surf (1975), Sudden Death (1977), The Lady in Red (1979, as Dillinger), Wrong is Right (1982), Moving Violations (1985), Samurai Cowboy (1994), Jingle All the Way (1996), New Jersey Turnpikes (1999) and Dead Above Ground (2002), his last. There were also a number of TV movie spin-offs from his Wild, Wild West series. A combatative character in real life, he died from heart failure. Twice married and divorced, he had nine children.