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Judy Nugent


Born - 22 August 1940, Los Angeles, California, USA
Died - 26 October 2023

Cute, serious-faced, fair-haired child actress (the daughter of an MGM property man), who maintained her career (mostly on TV) over several decades in small roles. A lifetime tomboy who had her own ranch, she later did stunt riding on one or two of her last films: The Man from Down Under (1943), It Had to Be You (1946), The Big Clock (1948), City Across the River (1949), Angels and the Pirates (1951), Here Comes the Groom (1951). Night Stage to Galveston (1952), Down Laredo Way (1953), Ma and Pa Kettle at Home (1954), Magnificent Obsession (1954), Mother, Sir! (1956), The Girl Most Likely (1957), Go, Johnny, Go! (1959), High School Caesar (1960), Summer Run (1974), Beartooth (1978) and Cattle Annie and Little Britches (1980), her last. The sister of actress Carol Nugent, she died from cancer, survived by her ex-hiusband, western actor Buck Taylor, and four children.