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James MacArthur


Born - 8 December 1937, Los Angeles, California, USA
Died - 28 October 2010

Stocky, boyish leading actor with fair curly hair, the adopted son of actress Helen Hayes and playwright Charles MacArthur. Acclaimed for his early performances, his star declined in the 1960s and he became involved in the immensely popular TV series Hawaii Five-O in 1968. It ran until 1979, with MacArthur the sidekick to star Jack Lord who would invariably instruct 'Book him, Danno' (MacArthur's character) at the end of most episodes. Later he became more interested in work as an explorer and geographer, although amusingly making an appearance in 1997 as the governor of Hawaii in a Hawaii Five-O pilot that didn't take. He had made his film debut as The Young Stranger (1957), a remake of a TV success in which he also starred. Subsequent movies included The Light in the Forest (1958), Third Man on the Mountain (1959), Kidnapped (1960), The Interns (1962), Spencer's Mountain (1963), The Truth About Spring (1964), The Bedford Incident (1965), Ride Beyond Vengeance (1966) and Hang 'Em High (1967). His last appearance came in the TV movie Storm Chasers in 1998. The second of his three wives was actress Melody Patterson.