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Trader Faulkner


Born - 7 September 1927, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Died - 14 April 2021

Square-headed, dark-haired actor, a formidable Shakesperian as well as flamenco dancer who followed his friend Peter Finch, whose biography he published in 1980, from Australia to the UK in post-war years. Born Ronald Trader Faulkner, he was mainly thereafter seen on stage and TV, with a few scattered film appearances including Eureka Stockade (1948), Over the Odds (1950), Mr Denning Drives North (1951), A Killer Walks (1952), Affair in Monte Carlo (1952), A Question of Adultery (1958), The Spanish Sword (1962), Operation Mermaid (1963), A High Wind in Jamaica (1965) and The Murder Game (1966), his last, although he continued appearing on stage and TV until 1996. He was married to, and divorced from the actress-model Ann Minchin, known as Bobo.