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Robert Hossein


Born - 30 December 1927, Paris, France
Died - 31 December 2020

Dark, taciturn, intense French leading man, often playing tough, gritty roles in sex and violence-laden crime films, notably the ground-breaking Rififi (1955). After a few early movie appearances, he spent five years in the theatre, but came much into demand for further film work throughout the late 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, when he made most of his 100-plus films: Aux Yeux du Souvenir (1948), Maya (1949), Quai des Blondes (1954), The Wicked Go to Hell (1955), Crime and Punishment (1956), Young Girls Beware (1957), Night is Not for Sleep (1958), Riff Raff Girls (1959), Take Me As I Am/Toi...le Venin (1960), La Menace (1961), Warrior's Rest (1962), Vice and Virtue (1963), Angelique (1964), Marco the Magnificent (1965), Angelique and the King (1966), I Killed Rasputin (1967), OSS 117 Murder for Sale (1968), Once Upon a Time in the West (1968), The Heist (1970), The Burglars (1971), Don Juan, Or: If Don Juan Were a Woman (1973), The Faux-Cul (1975), Demons of the South (1979), Bolero (1981), Un Homme et Une Femme: 20 Years Later (1986), Les Enfants du Desordre (1989), Les Miserables (1995), The Wax Mask (1997), Venus Beauty (1999), San Antonio (2004), Trivial (2007) and Noni - le Fruit de l'Espoir (2020), his last. First married to frequent early co-star Marina Vlady, he married his third wife, actress Candice Patou, in 1976, and she survives him. Born Robert Hosseinoff, he died from coronavirus complications.