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Tonie Marshall


Born - 29 November 1951, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
Died - 12 March 2020

Slender, blonde-haired, narrow-faced French actress who turned director with some success in her late thirties. The daughter of American actor-director William Marshall and top French actress Micheline Presle, she was born Anthony-Lee Marshall and entered films straight from drama studies: What a Flash! (1972), The Rare Bird (1973), The Slightly Pregnant Man (1973), La Fleur des Pois (1975), Don't Bite, We Love You (1976), Rien ne va Plus (1979), The Under-Gifted (1980), Jaws of the Wolf (1981), Archipel des Amours (1983), Paris Vu Par...20 Ans Apres (1984), Qui Trop Embrasse... (1986), Heart Crusaders (1987), Le Champignon des Carpathes (1989), La Campagne de Ciceron (1990) and Chasse Gardee (1992). She had already made an impressive directorial debut with Pentimento (1989), and now abandoned acting completely, directing, among others, Pas Tres Catholique (1994), Bastard Brood (1996), Venus Beauty (1999, which swept the board at the French Oscars including best director and best screenplay for Marshall), Nearest to Heaven (2002), France Boutique (2004), Off and Running (2008), Sex, Love & Therapy (2014) and Number One/Woman Up! (2017), her last. She died at 68 following a long battle with cancer.