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Anna Massey


Born - 11 August 1937, Thakeham, Sussex, UK
Died - 3 July 2011

Slight, light-haired English actress of unconventional prettiness, the daughter of Canadian star Raymond Massey and English actress Adrianne Allen, and sister of actor Daniel Massey, all of whom predeceased her. Plagued through much of her life with both anorexia and stage fright, she found stage stardom at 18 as The Reluctant Debutante. Her best work continued to be for the theatre, but there were a few film roles in her earlier years: Gideon's Day (1958), memorably screaming in Peeping Tom (1960), Le Voyage a Biarritz (1962), Bunny Lake is Missing (1965), The Marat/Sade (1966), The Looking Glass War (1969) and screaming again in Hitchcock's Frenzy (1972). Middle-age emphasised her pinched features and large eyes, and enabled her to play slightly sinister spinsters. From the late 1970s, she proved a valuable character actress, although still too seldom seen: A Little Romance (1979), Five Days One Summer (1981), The Little Drummer Girl (1984), Foreign Body (1986), Killing Dad (1989), Emily's Ghost (1992), Haunted (1995), Deja Vu (1997), Mad Cows (1999), The Importance of Being Earnest (2001), Possession (2002), The Machinist (2004), Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont (2005) and The Oxford Murders (2008), her last. She died from cancer.