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Hugh O'Brian


Born - 19 April 1925, Rochester, New York, USA
Died - 5 September 2016

Tall, lean, craggy American actor with dark wavy hair, a Universal-International 'beefcake boy' who played villains in westerns, then found small-screen fame as the hero in the hit series Wyatt Earp, which ran for seven seasons. Major film fame evaded him, but he was always a distinctive presence and earned a slice of cinematic history by being the last man shot by John Wayne on film. Born Hugh Krampe, he made his film debut in Kidnapped (1948), and stayed furiously busy as second leads or gunmen in black for the next decade: DOA (1949), Never Fear (1949), Rocketship XM (1950), Cave of Outlaws (1951), Vengeance Valley (1951), The Lawless Breed (1952), Meet Me at The Fair (1952), The Man from the Alamo (1953), Seminole (1953), O'Rourke of the Royal Mounted (1954), Broken Lance (1954), White Feather (1955) and The Brass Legend (1956). During and after Wyatt Earp, he was seen less often in movies: The Fiend Who Walked the West (1958), Come Fly with Me (1963), Love Has Many Faces (1964), In Harm's Way (1965), Ambush Bay (1966), Africa - Texas Style! (1967), The Diamond Mercenaries (1975), The Shootist (1976), Game of Death (1978) and Twins (1988), his last, although he was working on a new film, Old Soldiers, at the time of his death. A prodigious worker for charity in later times, he finally married his longtime partner Virginia in 2006.