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Jeni LeGon


Born - 14 August 1916, Chicago, Illinois
Died - 7 December 2012

Vivacious, lithe, dancing and singing star with distinctive long, oval face, brought to Hollywood to feature in Hooray for Love (1935). She soon found, however, that her opportunities were limited, and was forced into playing a succession of black maids to make a living. Born Jennie Ligon and soon dubbed 'the chocolate princess' by showbusiness press, she mixed routine minor acting assignments with 'speciality' dance numbers in bigger films: Dishonor Bright (1936), Ali Baba Goes to Town (1937), Fools for Scandal (1938), Double Deal (1939), While Thousands Cheer (1940), Sundown (1941), Birth of the Blues (1941), This Was Paris (1942), Arabian Nights (1942), I Walked with a Zombie (1943), Hi-De-Ho (1947), Easter Parade (1948), Somebody Loves Me (1952) and Bright Road (1953). Much later, she made appearances in Home is Where the Heart Is (1987) and Bones (2001), her last. She died from Alzheimer's Disease.