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Suzy Delair


Born - 31 December 1916, Paris, France
Died - 15 March 2020

Light-haired, round-faced, spirited French actress and 'chanteuse', who brought brittle charm and joie-de-vivre to a number of cinema roles, as well as proving a popular vocalist whose repertoire ranged from saucy Parisian songs to light opera; one of her most famous numbers was C'est Si Bon. After entering films at 14 as a soubrette in Une Caprice de la Pompadour (1931), she was seen in some 40 more movies in a rather sporadic film career in between musical engagements: The Girl from Maxim's (1933), Casanova (1934), Ferdinand le Noceur (1935), Three...Six...Nine (1937) and a detective's feisty girlfriend in Last of the Six (1941) and The Murderer Lives at Number 21 (1942). With war ending, she returned to films, making La Vie de Boheme (1945), Quai des Orfevres (1947), Pattes Blanches (1949), Lady Paname (1950), with Laurel and Hardy in Atoll K/Utopia/Robinson Crusoeland (1951), Fly in the Ointment (1954), Gervaise (1956), Fernandel the Dressmaker (1956), Rocco and His Brothers (1960), Du Mouron pour les Petits Oiseaux (1963), Is Paris Burning? (1966), The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob (1973) and Forget Me, Mandoline (1976), her last.