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Charles Aznavour


Born - 22 May 1924, Paris, France
Died - 1 October 2018

Tiny, dark-eyed French actor-singer of Armenian origins, self-described as "a small man with a nose like a can opener', but the romantic idol of millions, singing equally romantic songs. Born Shahnour Aznavurjan, he entered show business as a dancer; as an actor he tackled some unusual and sometimes challenging films roles, after entering movies as a boy: La Guerre des Gosses (1936), Les Disparus de Saint-Agil/Boys' School (1938), Adieu Cherie (1945), Dans la Vie Tout s'Arrange (1950), Une Gosse Sans Cesse (1956), Paris Music Hall (1957), The Young Have No Morals (1958), La Testament d'Orphee (1959), Shoot the Pianist! (1960), The Devil and the 10 Commandments (1962), High Infidelity (1964), Paris in August (1965), Caroline Cherie (1967), Candy (1968), The Adventurers (1970), And Then There Were None (1974), Sky Riders (1976), The Tin Drum (1979), Edith and Marcel (1983), Viva La Vie/Long Live Life (1984), Il Maestro (1989), Les Annees Campagne (1992), The Comedian (1997), Laguna (2001), The Colonel (2006), and many more. At the time of his death at 94, he was making another film, Une Revanche a Prendre. The most popular of his many songs was probably She.