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Leslie Nielsen


Born - 11 February 1922, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Died - 28 November 2010

Affable, blond-haired (later white-haired) actor, son of a Canadian father and Welsh mother, and the nephew of character star Jean Hersholt. After war service as an aerial gunner with the Royal Canadian Air Force, he opted for an acting career, making his TV debut in 1949. A latecomer to films, he made a few for MGM in the late Fifties, including The Opposite Sex (1956), Forbidden Planet (1956, as the hero) and The Sheepman (1958, as the villain). But he made little headway at this stage and it was not until 1980, when his hapless doctor aboard the Airplane! forged him a new career as a comedy star. After a successful cop comedy show on TV, Police Squad in 1982, Nielsen went on to make numerous movie spoofs, most notably the Naked Gun films, based on his TV character, and Dracula - Dead and Loving It (1995) for Mel Brooks. His last films included Scary Movie 4 (2006), reprising his President Harris characterisation from Scary Movie 3 (2003), Music Within (2007), Superhero Movie (2008), Stan Helsing (2009) and Stonerville (2011). Four time married, he died from pneumonia brought on while suffering from a staph infection.