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Grace Bradley


Born - 21 September 1913, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Died - 21 September 2010

Blonde, glamorous, multi-talented Hollywood star - an actress, singer and dancer, who studied to be a concert pianist (and won a Carnegie Hall competition) before switching to the more commercial side of show business. She also became the fifth (and last) wife of cowboy star William Boyd - alias Hopalong Cassidy - in 1937, and they remained married until his death in 1972. Beginning as an ingenue, she later played hard-boiled roles, then retired at 30. She made her debut in a short, Tip Tap Toe (1932), following that with Too Much Harmony (1933), The Cat's-Paw (1934), Old Man Rhythm (1935), Anything Goes (1936), Sitting on the Moon (1936), Thirteen Hours by Air (1936) , O.H.M.S. (1936, in England), The Big Broadcast of 1938 (1938), Invisible Killer (1939), The Hard-Boiled Canary (1941), Brooklyn Orchid (1942) and Taxi, Mister (1943), her last feature. She died on her 97th birthday from age-related causes.