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Dianne Foster


Born - 31 October 1928, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Died - 27 July 2019

Striking, chestnut-haired, clear-featured Canadian actress who started her film career in Britain before going on to some success in Hollywood from 1953 to 1958, mainly in westerns and gangland thrillers. Born Olga Laruska of Ukrainian parentage, her warm, sympathetic performances in a variety of roles belied her pin-up looks, but she was not quite a strong enough personality to remain a star of the screen, and wound down her career after the mid 1960s to enjoy more time with her (third) husband and three children. After stage experience in Canada, she moved to Britain for three years and was seen in The Quiet Woman (1950), The Lost Hours (1952), The Steel Key (1952), Isn't Life Wonderful! (1953) and Three's Company (1953). In Hollywood, she rose quickly to top supporting roles and occasional leads: Bad for Each Other (1953), Drive a Crooked Road (1954), Three Hours to Kill (1954), Rough Company/The Violent Men (1955), The Kentuckian (1955), Monkey on My Back (1957), Night Passage (1957), The Deep Six (1957), The Last Hurrah (1958), Gideon's Day (1958), The Big Bankroll/King of the Roaring 20s (1961) and Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? (1963), her last.