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Marcy McGuire


Born - 22 February 1926, Kansas City, Kansas, USA
Died - 7 August 2021

Small, red-haired, snub-nosed, energetic, happy-looking American singer and dancer - a vis-a-vis for Frank Sinatra in one of his first films; despite (or perhaps because of) being compared to Judy Garland, she never fulfilled her early promise in movies, and remained a busy singer in nightclubs, where she had started her career as a teenager: Seven Days' Leave (1942), Higher and Higher (1943), Around the World (1943), Career Girl (1944), Seven Days Ashore (1944), Sing Your Way Home (1945), Melody Maker (1946), It Happened in Brooklyn (1947), You Gotta Stay Happy (1948), Jumping Jacks (1952) and Summer Magic (1962), her last. Born Marilyn McGuire, she was married to character actor Wally Cassell for 67 years until his death in 2015.