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Pat Jackson


Born - 26 March 1916, Eltham, London, UK
Died - 3 June 2011

Born in the same small London borough as Bob Hope, this sensitive British director became famous for his gritty wartime documentaries, and later mixed some decent if fairly minor films with interesting work on TV, mainly on the original version of the cult TV series The Prisoner. His first short documentary as solo director was Men in Danger (1938), a title that foreshadowed his World War two work when Jackson hit his stride: The First Days (1939), Ferry Pilot (1941) and especially Western Approaches (1944), a Technicolor docudrama about the Merchant Navy. Post-war, Jackson went to Hollywood and worked for MGM, but with only one director credit: Shadow on the Wall (1949). Returning to Britain, he made White Corridors (1951), Something Money Can't Buy (1952), The Feminine Touch (1955), The Birthday Present (1957), Virgin Island (1958), Snowball (1960), What a Carve-Up! (1961), Seven Keys (1962), Don't Talk to Strange Men (1962) and Seventy Deadly Pills (1963), before going into television. His last film, On the Run (1968) was made for the Children's Film Foundation.