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Nick Nostro


Born - 21 April 1931, Gioia Tauro, Calabria, Italy
Died - 15 June 2014

Bulky Italian director (born Nicola Nostro) with dark wavy hair, who rode the wave of popularity for Italian period action movies of the 1960s: his '10 Gladiators' films brought him his greatest international success. When the appeal of dubbed spectaculars declined, Nostro left the film world and became a businessman. He had worked as an assistant director from the mid 1950s, his first solo credit coming with Blood and Defiance (1962). Later work included The Blind Woman of Sorrento/Revenge of the Black Knight (1963), Spartacus and the 10 Gladiators (1963), Triumph of the Ten Gladiators (1964), Operation Counterspy (1965), Epitaph for a Fast Gun (1965), Superargo Vs Diabolikus (1966), Web of Violence (1966), Day After Tomorrow/One After the Other (1968) and Carmen Boom (1971), his last.