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Jacques Perrin


Born - 13 July 1941, Paris, France
Died - 21 April 2022

Boyish, dark-haired, small-featured French leading actor who later became producer and sometimes director of a series of acclaimed wildlife documentaries. Born Jacques Simonet - Perrin was his mother's maiden name - he made his film debut as a child in Les Portes de la Nuit (1946) and began an adult career for the same director (Marcel Carne) in Les Tricheurs/Youthful Sinners in 1958. Later credits include Green Harvest (1959), Girl With a Suitcase (1961), Il Fornetto di Venezia (1963), The Sleeping Car Murders (1965), The Young Girls of Rochefort (1967), Z (1968), Once Upon a Time/The Magic Donkey (1970), Blanche (1971), State of Siege (1972), Desert of the Tartars (1976), Sophie et la Capitaine (1978), Operation Leopard (1980) and The Roaring Forties (1982). He returned in early middle age with one of his best-known films, Cinema Paradiso (1988). Further appearances came in Tout Va Bien/Everybody's Fine (1990), Flight of the Innocent (1992), Kim Novak is on the Phone (1994), Le Silence des Fusils (1996), I Didn't Do It! (1999), Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001), Above the Clouds (2003), Hell (2005), Remi, Nobody's Boy (2018) and Goliath (2022), his last. Survived by his wife Valentine and their three children.