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Kip Niven


Born - 27 May 1945, Prairie Village, Kansas, USA
Died - 6 May 2019

Dark-haired, balding (although often toupeed), virtually neck-less American actor, born Clifford Niven and usually seen as military officers or wily professional men within the legal system. After drama studies and stage experience, he entered TV in 1971, films two years later: Magnum Force (1973), Newman's Law (1974), Earthquake (1974), The Hindenburg (1975), Midway/Battle of Midway (1976), Damnation Alley (1977), New Year's Evil (1980), then a dozen or more TV movies before The Painting (2001), More Than Puppy Love (2003), Raising Jeffrey Dahmer (2006), The Only Good Indian (2009), Santa's Sack (2012), Jayhawkers (2014), The Tree (2017) and Goodland (2017), his last. Three times married: his first wife died in a car crash, and the third also pre-deceased him. He died from a heart attack.