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Ron Moody


Born - 8 January 1924, Tottenham, London, England
Died - 11 June 2015

English star tragi-comedian with dark, receding hair, hook nose and deep-set eyes whose mournfully mischievous features looked perfect casting for the clown who cried; he did play Grimaldi on stage, but found his lifetime role as the Dickensian miser Fagin in a stage musical version of Oliver Twist, a role that won him an Oscar nomination when he repeated it on film. Born Ronald Moodnick, he made a mark as a quixotic comedian and impressionist before venturing into eccentric comedy character roles in films: Davy (1957), Make Mine Mink (1960), A Pair of Briefs (1961), the prime minister of Grand Fenwick in The Mouse on the Moon (1963), Murder Most Foul (1964), The Sandwich Man (1966), Oliver! (1968), The Twelve Chairs (1970), Flight of the Doves (1971), Spot (1974), The Spaceman and King Arthur (1979), The Man with the Deadly Lens (1982), Where is Parsifal? (1984), Emily's Ghost (1992), A Kid in King Arthur's Court (1995), The 3 Kings (2000), Paradise Grove (2003), Lost Dogs (2005) and the short The Lizard Boy (2010), his last. He and his wife Therese, who survives him, had six children.