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Thomas Hunter


Born - 19 December 1932, Savannah, Georgia, USA
Died - 27 December 2017

Tall, dour, dark and ruggedly handsome American actor who began an acting career in Italy after years as a US Marine, and was plunged almost straight into leading roles. Later, he revealed other talents as a writer and composer. In a busy decade in Italy, he made The Hills Run Red (1966), Three Pistols Against Caesar (1967), Anzio (1967), the title role in The Magnificent Tony Carrera (1968), Revenge (1969), The Vampire Happening (1970), Web of Deception (1971), Equinox (1971), The Serpent (1973), Death Under the Palms (1974), The 'Human' Factor (1975), The Cassandra Crossing (1976) and Cross Shot (1976). On his return to America, he concentrated on writing, his screenplays including The Final Countdown (1980), and made only one further acting appearance, in The Act (1984). He also wrote and directed plays and penned a novel, as well as an autobiography, Memoirs of a Spaghetti Cowboy. He died from cancer.